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How To Write an Article

What do you put in an Article?

Currently, Articles are grouped into several divisions in order to easily perform searches and related site functions:
  • Competition
  • Construction
  • Electronics
  • Flying
  • General
  • Manual
  • Materials
  • New Flyer
  • Review
  • Theory
  • Trimming
  • Misc

Suggestions for new articles are always welcome and you may find some ideas are already in progress: New Suggestions
What are good Article topics?

Good article topics come from pilots and Viewers of the Field Guide to Modeling. The Staff, who are active pilots, designers and builders themselves have submitted many suggestions, however they do not want to limit articles to what they feel are important or necessary. If you would like to see some of the topics that are currently in the list, as examples if articles of specific interest that are in develop, please visit Here.

How do you approach the presentation?
  • The goals of the article are to present a clear and concise description, or steps, of the topic to the User.
  • The Field Guide staff would like to keep all presentations open and enjoyable.
  • The article should be written so that a wide range of readers with diverse experience, from a first time beginner to a more advanced and experienced user, can get information and great "take-aways" for their use.
  • Descriptions should use easily described words, or provide references to wording that can be looked up. Please note that the Field Guide to Modeling Glossary page may help users get a better definition or clarity of a word. Authors may submit words be included in the Glossary.
What can be Included?
  • Authors are encouraged to include pictures, drawing, or any additional materials as required. These will be associated with the article.
  • Authors are encouraged to provide a list of references and reference links , as one would do footnotes, to provide information to users for further information.
  • Authors should provide a Table of Contents for the article to permit users to scroll down to sections of interest.
What should be avoided:
  • The Field Guide To Modeling is meant to be a "wiki" of sorts for the DLG community. At this time the site is not intended to be an advertisement for products or manufacturer/distributor.
  • References to manufacturers and suppliers can be noted but direct links not included in the articles. Authors should provide links and related references to the Field Guide Staff in order to provide confirmation of sources.
  • All Articles and submissions should be written as informational, with authors avoiding personal comments or opinions comments that may represent issues unintended for the article.
Submission, Review, and Handling
  • The Staff reserves the right to make additions or corrections required to bring the article into the alignment of the goals and procedures of the Field Guide To Modeling.
  • All articles will provide clear and concise references and credit to links, authors, and related items.
  • All submissions and suggestions will be prioritized and uploaded. Authors and reviewers can contact the Staff for statuses , as required.


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